Vancouver Convention Centre Speakers: Power of Success

Some people are not able to take on the responsibility or have the chance to start over. Cameron Chell did. It is an inspiring tale that may surprise you.

“I don’t know when I will have the same financial position that I had back in the days that that was all I really cared about,” he states. “It’s not what I had hoped for, but it has allowed me to have a better life and a family. It has also made me happier than I thought possible.

Sometimes the deepest despair is what makes recovery difficult. Chell, a man who had achieved a fortune early in his life and was a business success, reached sanity when he believed he would die on Vancouver’s streets. He struggled to survive, being hounded by street thugs and addicted to drugs.

He says that he didn’t know it until he got clean. He is from Venice, Calif., where his family lives. He has also co-founded numerous companies, including UrtheCast (named the No. Deloitte has named Canada’s #1 fastest-growing technology company for 2016.

“I was certain that I would die. It was unambiguous. It wasn’t difficult to see why.

Chell was not driven by a lone-wolf spirit or the pursuit of an entrepreneurial idealist. It was a community: family, friends and former colleagues were there to help solve problems and offer support.

It is the exact same Cameron Chell Calgary with business.

“It’s not possible to do it all on your own,” he states.

Chell will join Tony Robbins as a top leader speaker at the Power of Success Vancouver on July 27th. The event includes motivational topics such as inspiration, health, strategizing, and modeling success.

Chell says, with a little humor, “Being financially successful is not bad.” “But, if you can do it, and not worry about your ego, then you don’t feel lonely. You’re not protecting yourself.

It was the blueprint for entrepreneurs, that appeal of the autocrat.

“I recall growing up during the 1980s, being in awe of Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal,” says he. It was the epitome for success. That doesn’t translate into a sustainable response from society and people. It’s not about what to do, but how to build a team that can make a difference.

It is a market adjust–a direction business leaders are taking, driven by the smaller world, which makes it easier to collaborate.

He said that the heart of every person must have two things to create joy. Love because it is impossible to live alone; and the ability, or the will, to create.

Chell says that it’s not you alone who is going do this. “It is the people around me who will do it. It’s not possible with a leader who is expected to be perfect and infallible.