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Self Publishing is
the new wave...

Don't be afraid to get your feet wet as a publisher.

Publishing a book is easy. However, it is mandatory authors arm themselves with all the pertinent information necessary to obtain the publicity and attention their books deserve.

If you have published a book prior to doing all the homework necessary in making it a success, chances are, it will become lost in the maze called, "Oops, forgot to do a publicity campaign."

I have answers for you! Furthermore, you can trust my integrity and expertise. I've been in this business for over 20 years and I can save you thousands of dollars from costly mistakes.

I strive to make your
publishing dreams come true.

Please view some of the titles of books published by my company, Hughes Henshaw Publications.

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For additional information, please review the topics discussed during the one-on-one consulting appointment with me.


Self-Publishing Consulting
One on One!

What better way to get the answers to your questions than to spend time with a publisher and publishing consultant with 20 years of experience!

Are you still uncertain how to obtain ISBNs, ABI forms, EAN Scanning Symbols, LCCNs, copyright registration, how to choose the right editor, i.e., copy editor, graphics designer for your cover design, where to get your book printed, etc?

Do you need help in obtaining quotes from book manufacturers, typesetters, and help with the marketing and distribution of your books?

I am here to help you take that next step whether you require a light proofread, rewrite, ghost writing, a manuscript evaluation, or a full edit.

How I work ...

First: I like to save time for my clients. Time is money. Therefore, I want you to write down any questions you have for me. Tell me where you are in the stages of writing your novel, non-fiction, etc. Do you have the margins properly set in your document: 1" top, bottom, right and left margins, double-spaced. Have you had it professionally edited? This does not mean edited by a friend or relative. They cannot be impartial.

Second: In order for me to obtain some insight into to your project, I will also want to see either an outline, Chapter Synopsis, or copy of your manuscript sent via snail mail to my business address, with a self-addressed stamped envelope so I can return it. Your manuscript will not be returned unless without the proper SASE. You can email the above information if it is in a Word Document. In the meantime, please write down a list of any questions you may have for me and we will schedule an appointment for our one on one phone consultation.

I accept all major credit cards with the exception of American Express.

Contact me at daphnamoore@yahoo.com


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